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CocoRosie reviews

IT WAS mildly surprising to find a sell-out crowd at CocoRosie’s West London show on Saturday... Even after they left the stage, a whiff of magic still hung in the air like perfume. Times Online UK link

CocoRosie were raised by a shaman. Is it any wonder, then, wonders Kitty Empire, that the siblings' ghostly folk shuns the modern world? The Guardian Aug 21st 2005 link

There isn’t much more one can say than CocoRosie done did it again. While Bianca and Sierra’s first album may forever be in people’s hearts, Noah’s Ark is a much deeper and challenging album and proof that CocoRosie was not just hype, not just a promotional tool or a random musical fluke. Noah’s Ark establishes them, simply, as some of the greatest songwriters, composers and dream makers in the contemporary experimental independent music world. Uncommonfolk.net link

The Casady sisters return with another creaking beauty. BBC CocoRosie session link

Hermaphrodite unicorns and yogic lambs! We don't altogether understand CocoRosie.
The combination of French electronic children's toys, opera, folk harp and human beatboxing, by two American sisters holed up in a tiny apartment with just an old tape recorder, probably shouldn't produce compellingly beautiful music. But, on their new album, 'Noah's Ark', it does. Channel4 link

CocoRosie - Band of the day @ SPIN.com link

Noah’s Ark proves, again, that the Casady sisters are perhaps at the forefront of the overlabored ‘freak-folk’ scene. I mean, Francophone hip-hop, saloon pianos, cursing telephones, harps, and muscles of white noise. Cacophony. !. Din. !. Most of all, quiet Western hope via escapism, today. Stylusmagazine link

This follow-up to CocoRosie’s wonderful debut certainly underpins the sisters’ unusual sonic landscapes and offbeat pop, but it also unveils some new grounds and ambiences. Here, Bianca and Sierra Casady expends on their original atmospheres without in any way corrupting the nature of their music. A true masterpiece. the Milk Factory. link

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